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Learn About Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a code you put on your website for the collection of data; that helps you monitor Facebook ads conversion. Pixel is also beneficial for optimizing ads, creating targeted audiences for potential advertising, and highlighting visitors who have already taken some form of action on your website.

It operates by setting and activating cookies to detect users when they communicate with your Facebook advertising and your website.

Why you need Facebook pixel setup? The Facebook pixel offers valuable details that you can use to generate better Facebook ads, and to target your advertising better. Facebook monitoring pixel data helps make sure that the users who are most likely to take your desired action are seeing your ads. It helps you to increase the conversion rate for Facebook ads and boost the ROI.

And if you don’t already use Facebook ads, you can install the Facebook pixel now. It’ll start gathering data right away and when you’re ready to build your first Facebook ad you don’t have to start from scratch.

What's Inside the Course?

This course will show you how to create a channel that has more than a million views, generates revenue on a myriad of ways, and helps you grow your personal brand.

  • What is Facebook Pixel & Benefits (4:21)
  • How to WordPress Pixel - Practical Demonstration (2:52)
  • How to Activate Facebook Pixel Using Code by Using any Partner Integration (1:04)
  • Test Your installed Pixel through Events manager (1:09)

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