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  • Facebook30+ Hours
  • Instagram20+ Hours
  • Twitter20+ Hours
  • LinkedIn20+ Hours
  • YouTube20+ Hours
  • Pintrest20+ Hours

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  • Advance Pinterest for professionals
  • Advance use of LinkedIn
  • Complete Facebook targeting and build online customer
  • Deep understanding of Facebook Ads and landing pages
  • Facebook For Business
  • Google Adwords and Google for business
  • Instagram Marketing Functions
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing
  • Master the art of Facebook Ad creation and Budgeting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Twitter Power Tools for business
  • YouTube Features for Marketing

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  • Social Media Marketing Introduction
  • TAKE ACTION! Lock Up Social Media Handles!
  • Private Coursenvy Community for Q&A

Social Media Marketing

  • Why is Social Media Marketing Important
  • What Content Should I Share on Social Media
  • Social Media Management Tools How to Cut Posting Time in Half!
  • AUTOMATION HACK - If This Then That!


  • Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page
  • How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Page
  • Top 5 SEO Tips for your Facebook Page
  • How to Change your Facebook Page Category
  • Keywords
  • How to Use Keywords in your Facebook Page Description
  • What Makes your Facebook Page Awesome
  • Facebook Marketing
  • How to Create a Paid Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Ads - CAMPAIGN
  • Facebook Ads - AD SET
  • 4 Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Pixels - tracking
  • Creating an Audience
  • Standard Events or Custom Conversions


  • Why Instagram and How to Get Started!
  • LAUNCH a New Instagram Account
  • Optimize your Instagram Bio & Profile Image
  • TOP 10 Things to Post on Instagram and When to Post!
  • Instagram Captions & Hashtags
  • How to Increase your Instagram Followers & Exposure
  • Top 5 Ways to Convert Instagram Followers to Sales & Leads
  • Sponsored Posts - Pay & Get Paid for Instagram Posts
  • Instagram Ads via Facebook


  • The Twitter Basics & Optimizing your Twitter
  • What to Tweet & How to Interact on Twitter
  • Twitter Hashtags & Trends
  • How to Grow your Twitter Following!
  • Setting up a Twitter Ads Account & Types of Twitter Ads
  • Twitter Audience Manager & How to Install Universal Tag
  • Twitter Ad Campaigns Original View for GREATER Targeting
  • Twitter Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
  • Twitter Ads - Tweet Engagements
  • Twitter Ads - Clicks & Conversions
  • Twitter Ads - App Installs & App Engagement
  • Twitter Ads - Followers
  • Twitter Reporting & Analytics
  • Pinned Tweet Hack and the Best Twitter Tools


  • Pinterest 101
  • Buyable Pins and Rich Pins
  • Setting up a Pinterest Business Account & Types of Pinterest Ads
  • Create a Pinterest Business Account - PART 1
  • Pinterest Video Campaigns
  • Pinterest Conversion Tracking - Updated
  • Pinterest Tags & Events - Updated
  • Pinterest Ads - Create Amazing Pins for Promoted Pins
  • Pinterest Ads - How to Create Promoted Pins
  • Pinterest Audiences

Google Adwords and Google My Business

  • Build and Optimize your Google Business Account
  • Google Adwords
  • How to Get Google Business Reviews


  • Build and Optimize your YouTube Account
  • End Screens on YouTube Videos
  • Customize your YouTube URL
  • Optimize your YouTube Videos
  • 9 Steps for YouTube SEO & YouTube Channel Mastery
  • Paid YouTube Video Ads via Google Adwords
  • YouTube Advertising
  • SEO & YouTube - Repurposing Content


  • Create and Optimize your Personal LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling
  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page
  • 7 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Message Marketing - Leonard Software Tutorial


  • Snapchat Marketing

Landing Pages, Web 2.0 and Blogging

  • Landing Pages 101 + Growing Your Email List
  • Web 2.0 Blogs & Backlinks
  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals for Blogging
  • Posts and Web 2.0 Domain Name Ideas - Long Tail Keywords!

Questions, Updates & Bonus Material

  • You Ask Questions... Coursenvy Answers Them!
  • Top 10 Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time
  • Sales Funnel ⭐ TOP 3 SECRETS
  • Bonus Lecture FREEBIES!
  • FREE and DISCOUNTED Coursenvy Courses!

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