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What's Inside the Course?

This course will show you how to create a channel that has more than a million views, generates revenue on a myriad of ways, and helps you grow your personal brand.

  1. YouTube Course Intro Video
  2. YouTube End Screen
  3. Professional YouTube Marketing For One Video
  4. Exercises To Do Market Research
  5. YouTube recommended videos
  6. Starting Keyword Research With Google Keyword Tool
  7. Competitor Keyword Research
  8. Keyword Permutations
  9. On Page YouTube SEO
  10. How I rank videos for competitive search terms
  11. YouTube Ranking Factors
  12. How To Get More Thumbs Up
  13. How To Get More YouTube Comments For SEO
  14. How To Get Viewed For Longer
  15. Embedding Videos To Get Them To Rank
  16. More Benefits Of Longer Watched Videos
  17. Search To Intent Match
  18. Intent Match Influencing
  19. Views For New Videos
  20. How to amplify views with this triple play combination
  21. How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature
  22. YouTube CC
  23. Close Look At Recommendation Algorithm
  24. Playlists To Boost Recommendations
  25. My Recommendation Video Example
  26. Secret to how I make YouTube videos rank in Google search
  27. My overall channel strategy and insights 2
  28. Strategy for new channels
  29. What will help your show do much better
  30. Strategies to make money from your channel
  31. How To Sell From About Page On Youtube
  32. DownloadingStreamingSoftware
  33. GoingLiveFirstTime
  34. YouTubeLiveTipsWhileLive
  35. YouTubeLiveSteamTips
  36. FeaturedVideoToGetMoreViews
  37. MakingAUniqueChannelURL
  38. YouTubeReturningvsNewVisitors
  39. Topic coverage current or evergreen topics
  40. Daily Weekly Monthly
  41. Longer vs. shorter episodes
  42. YouTube Adwords Section Intro
  43. Creating Your Account
  44. Starting With Our First Ad
  45. In Stream Vs Discovery Ads
  46. Budget CPV And More
  47. Location
  48. Stating With Ad Group
  49. How To Decide For In Stream Ad
  50. Adding Your Video To Ad Group
  51. What To WriteIn Headline Description
  52. Setting CPV
  53. Demographic Targeting
  54. Interests And Topics
  55. keywords
  56. Social Media Automation Section Introduction
  57. All The Benefits Of Social Media And Autromation
  58. Hash Tag Marketing
  59. Social Media Automation Tools
  60. Showing Social Oomph
  61. Pinned Tweets
  62. Pinned Post On Facebook
  63. RT Team
  64. Facebook Ads Section Intro
  65. How To Navigate To Facebook Ads Manager
  66. Which FB Ad To Choose
  67. Setting The Targeting For Your Ad
  68. Creating The Ad Format
  69. Targeting Pro Tip
  70. Look a like Audience
  71. Fb Page Basics
  72. Elements Of Videos To Improve
  73. YouTube Hints At What To Improve
  74. Audio Equipment New
  75. Options For Recording Video Free Cheap
  76. How I rank videos for competitive search terms 2
  77. Exercise To Watch Competitors Videos
  78. Finalizing The Retargeting Ad
  79. Ideal YouTube marketing for a single channel
  80. Keyword research tutorial
  81. NEW Top SEO ranking factors from 150 experts
  82. Pruning Your Channel
  83. Ranking higher via embedding
  84. Strategies to make money from your channel
  85. YouTube Secrets Video
  86. YouTube Course New Intro

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