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Master in Instagram Marketing

Become a Master of Instagram Marketing and Unleash the Secrets to get Success in the Field.

30 Days
Money Back

Industry Recognized Credential!

What's Inside the Course?

This course will show you how to create a channel that has more than a million views, generates revenue on a myriad of ways, and helps you grow your personal brand.

  1. Why Instagram is Important? (1:35)
  2. How to Setup Business Account on Instagram (1:02)
  3. A walk through Instagram (0:43)
  4. Choose a Marketing Goal for Instagram Ads (1:57)
  5. What types of Ads you can promote on Instagram (1:24)
  6. Getting started with Instagram (0:55)
  7. Instagram Stories (4:01)
  8.  How to run story Ads (3:13)
  9. What to expect from this guide 1 (1:57)
  10. Research your Competition 1.1 (1:36)
  11. What is Facebook Pixel 2 (1:18)
  12. How to Place Facebook Pixel 2.1 (2:53)
  13. How Facebook Conversion Works 2.2 (1:36)
  14. Choose Marketing Objective (2:15)
  15. How to Link Facebook Instagram Profile with your Page to Get started with Ads (1:02)
  16. How to Choose Your Instagram Ad Audience (8:41)
  17. How to choose Instagram Ads Placements (3:06)
  18. How to choose Budget for your Instagram Ads (5:44)
  19. How to Select an Ad copy For Instagram Ads (3:24)

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