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Learn complete Master in Google Ads, News Publisher & YouTube Ads in one comprehensive Bundle offer. This bundle covers various courses to teach you Google Ads, News Publisher & YouTube Ads from basics to advanced level, Google news Publisher and AdSense, YouTube Video Ads and YouTube Marketing Secrets, Google Ads Mastery, and more. Moreover, you will also receive course certification certificates upon successful completion of bundle courses. This offer comes with 30 days Money Back guarantee, so you can claim 100% cash back if you don’t like our courses.


  • Facebook Ads Introduction
  • Basic Framework
  • Set Up Your Facebook Page For Ads
  • Target The Right Audience
  • Design Facebook Ad Dashboard
  • Best Ways to Choose Facebook Ads
  • Introduction to the Mini Facebook Marketing
  • Get To Facebook Ad Dashboard
  • Choose Perfect Ads
  • Setting the Targeting For Guaranteed Results
  • How To Navigate To Facebook Ads Manage
  • Advance Tools For Facebook Marketing
  • Overview of Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Forums Management
  • Facebook Paid Advertisement & Promotions Handlings
  • Deep Study Of Facebook Promotions
  • Start up With Facebook Marketing
  • Get Maximum Facebook Reach & Impression
  • Facebook Marketing Page Vs Group Vs Personal
  • Viral Content Formula with Guaranteed results
  • Run Business Page like a Master
  • Increase Sales Using Facebook
  • NEW Elements of a good Facebook business page or fan page
  • Most Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Get Maximum Share and impression of Your Content
  • Addition Sales Features of Visual Content
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Power Tools for Google Analytics & Google Ranking Factors
  • Dominate Yourself with Google's top 10 search results for niche searches
  • Smart Non Google SEO NOT Yahoo and Bing
  • Introduction to the Google & YouTube SEO
  • Basic Knowledge of YouTube & Google SEO
  • Advanced Level YouTube and Google SEO
  • Effective Keywords with Guaranteed Results
  • Complete Introduction Of Digital Marketing
  • Basic Introduction to Social Media Platforms including Facebook - Twitter & LinkedIn
  • YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest for Beginners
  • Advanced Level Expertise of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Other social Media Platforms
  • Create Social Media Checklist To Boost Your Strength
  • Get Guaranteed Traffic and Audience Engagement
  • Introduction To YouTube
  • Create & Manage Your Channel Effectively
  • Strategies to Make Easy Money
  • Best Techniques for Live Streaming
  • Advance Level YouTube Promotion
  • Best Practices To Go Live On YouTube And Facebook
  • Good Practices For A Live Show
  • Some Important Tips To Consider
  • Learn The Most Common Mistakes That People Make
  • Get YouTube Video Recommendation
  • Explore the Best Techniques for Getting Maximum Views
  • Best Practices for Getting Maximum Subscriber
  • Special plugin to get insights on your and competitors videos on YouTube
  • Facebook Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Forums Management
  • Facebook Paid Advertisement & Promotions Handlings
  • Introduction To Social Media Section
  • Learn benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • Right ways of Social Media Marketing
  • Benefits of Brand’s Social Media Presence Including Google and YouTube
  • Audience Engagement Techniques
  • Working Strategies for Google & YouTube
  • Reputation Management Brief Introduction
  • My Own Online Strong Profile
  • LinkedIn Reputation Management
  • YouTube Reputation Management
  • Paying For Publicity
  • Making Images Rank
  • Understanding of Amazon Author Page
  • Twitter Reputation Management with Complete Understanding
  • Google Keyword Tool for My Name (Guaranteed Results)
  • SEO basics and fundamentals
  • Cornerstone SEO pages that get shared more and rank better
  • Interlink your own pages for an SEO boost
  • Create links from a page to the same page for extra SEO boost
  • Social Sharing Techniques
  • Advance Level SEO
  • Intro To Keyword Research
  • Introduction to why keywords are important
  • Short tail vs. long tail keywords
  • Keyword Research Other Engines Or Long Tail
  • Introduction To SEO Fundamentals
  • Cornerstone SEO pages that get shared more and rank better
  • SEO basics and fundamentals & setting the title and description Meta tags
  • Interlink your own pages for an SEO boost
  • Create links from a page to the same page for extra SEO boost
  • Yoast SEO Installation & Other Useful Plugins
  • Advance Level SEO
  • Explore the best methods of selling products online and offline
  • Use thumbnails to beat your competition
  • Learn the effective strategies to promote on forums
  • Boosting Sales Techniques With Logical Approach
  • Reputation Management Brief Introduction
  • Make Your Online Profile Strong
  • LinkedIn Reputation Management
  • YouTube Reputation Management
  • Removing Negative Search Results
  • Google Keyword Tool For My Name
  • Introduction to The Social Sharing
  • Maximize Your Sales With Building Products
  • Perfect use of Relevant Hashtags
  • Get your Content Viral With in A day
  • Mentioned People Techniques
  • Boost Your sales Within a Week
  • Introduction To Social Media Automation
  • Benefits Of Social Media Automation
  • Start Hashtag Marketing Confidently
  • Advance Level Automation Tools
  • Expertise Of Showing Social Oomph
  • Introduction to Twitter marketing
  • Start Twitter Shout Out
  • Titter Hashtag Ranking
  • Get Your Presence on Top in Twitter Panel
  • Sharing and Engagement Techniques for Brands
  • Introduction To LinkedIn Marketing
  • Reasons Of LinkedIn Marketing
  • Strengthen Your Business & Personal Profile
  • Get Maximum Profile Visitors and Views on Your Content
  • 6 Hidden LinkedIn Benefits
  • Create and Manage Relevant Connections
  • Define and Manage your Target Audience
  • Advance Use Of LinkedIn
    • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    • 3 Affiliate Effective Strategies
    • Why Choosing A Niche is important
    • Promoting Affiliate Website
    • Productive Review OF Affiliate Marketing
    • Become a best seller even if you are a bad writer
    • Overview of the effective tips people will find your book
    • Amazon Kindle keyword research, categories and search
    • NEW Amazon SEO ranking factors
    • More great strategies to get more book downloads
    • Become Best Seller In Amazon

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