Does it feel like you are throwing Money in to a Dustbin every time you sponsor an ad?*

The truth is you are not alone. In fact, 62% of small business advertisers fail with Facebook ads (just ... Google it).

Fortunately, there are many ways to fix this problem.

You don’t need to be a part of 62% failure group.

If you are already running ads, there is a likely chance that few simple tweaks to your campaigns can have a huge positive impact on over all performance

By partnering with a seasoned Facebook Ads coach who has an experience of spending over 2 Million dollars on ads, you will get the support you need so that your campaigns are set up right.

During 30 Minutes Call, we can ..

  • Find the best audience for your business
  • Dive in to your ad account & campaign analytics to evaluate ad performance & identify areas of improvement. This will help you in generating a better ROI from your ads.
  • Work together on your Facebook Ads strategy. So you don’t waste a dime on a campaign that will never work.
  • Review your campaign, website & funnel strategy
  • Work together on building your first successful campaign.
  • Discuss the most common mistakes and pre-requisites of Facebook Ads success.
  • Discuss the problems you are facing with ads.

If you are looking to

  • Discover the proven strategies to generate relevant traffic to your website
  • Build successful & evergreen campaigns
  • Spot the right audience, placement & ad format
  • Improve remarketing strategy to convert maximum visitors
  • Reduce ad cost & maximize ROI
  • 8+ Hours Facebook Ads Training Course, Case Study & Strategies.

BOOK a 1:1 Facebook Ads consultation now to avail the features listed above.

Here is how it works:

  • Our 1:1 coaching session will take place over a recorded zoom call.
  • During the 30 minute session, we will share our screens & dive in to the ad account to evaluate & discuss future strategies.
  • We will map your goals & create a plan to help you reach them.
  • You can ask me any question related to your Facebook Ads strategy.
  • After the session, you will get the access to the whole recording. You can rewatch the recording later & implement the action items that were discussed during the live session.
  • If you forget any question during the call, shoot me an email & I’ll respond

Get your Ads problem sorted by a seasoned Facebook Ads Consultant & fast track your results.

Level up your Facebook Ads Campaign

Also Get FREE
Facebook Ads Training Course

  • With 1:1 on coaching you will get our famous Facebook Ads course.
  • Six reasons why using Facebook Ads is a must
  • Learn the Five Pre Requisites before initiating a Powerful Campaign
  • How to integrate Facebook Ads Sales Funnel with marketing objective?
  • How to select the right marketing budget?
  • How to create a killer Core Audience?
  • How to create & use remarketing audience for optimal results?
  • How to select the right Ads placement?
  • How to Test, measure and optimize campaigns, ad sets, ads & ad accounts
  • Facebook Ads Eight Key Success Indicators for creating evergreen ads strategy
  • How to select the right marketing objective?
  • How to structure Facebook Ads campaign? (ABO vs CBO)
  • How to select the right target audience?
  • How to create meaningful Custom Audience?
  • How to create a powerful Lookalike Audience (LLA)?
  • Complete guide on how to spot a winner ad with examples

Facebook Ads Coach Profile

Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, and Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e. “WINNING”..

Faisal has an experience of spending & managing over 2 Million dollars on Facebook ads in the past 8 years. He has a vast experience of working with multiple industries. You can pick his brain on anything related to Facebook ads or digital marketing.

Package Options Are

30 Minutes Session $49

Book 1 to 1 call

60 Minutes Session $99

Book 1 to 1 call

6 Sessions Bundle $249

Book 1 to 1 call

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your availability for the call?

Call times are available during normal KST hours. You can book the meeting time as per your convenience.

What if I want to reschedule the call due to any reason?

You can reschedule the call by contacting our support team.

Which platform will the call be on?

Consultation call will be executed via ZOOM.

What will happen after I place the order?

Meeting scheduling link will be provided to you after placing an order. On your order page, you will have a place to provide me with more information about your business. This will help me understand what you need assistance with and also allow me to help you in the best possible way.

Will the call be recorded?

Yes, if you want I can record the call and share the recording with you after our session. The recording is for personal use only.

Can I add any team member to the meeting?

Can I add any team member to the meeting?

Get your Ads problem sorted by a seasoned Facebook Ads Consultant & fast track your results.

Level up your Facebook Ads Campaign

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